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Far as this place see if you all can look over the passport closely as it is here that I need some critique from my advisors. I did look at the most effective anarchy I know of. Alcoholic Anonymous is a very successful on going anarchy.
I am wondering if all my original concepts for the nation of Transcendia, are better than some of my newer concepts. New concepts have come from nuts and bolts concerns. There are pressures and concerns regarding defense in the world today. I remember when you could just drive to, or walk on an airport. It was a lovely civilized exciting place.
The reality now is that there will be security issues for any viable international airport.
I don't get to make up a world that is safe and secure and civilized, without some effort.
It turns out that it is a great deal of work to carry weapons. They are dangerous, but needed.
It makes sense to have people check their guns in the bars, as same as drinking and flying don't mix well, drinking with guns on has some real potential for events worthy of regret.
So in fact if we want to succeed in creating a real nation the nuts and bolts of how it is defended must be addressed before we go on to Education.
We will go to Education next after defense is addressed.
Then we will turn to where the money comes from. I'm leaning heavily on Fees since for a bunch of pilots and airplanes and artists no particularly great bureaucratic institution has to be set up around the money. The fairness of it appears in some of the simple clarity of a Fee Based national revenue stream.
What must be avoided is nationalization once we get good and going, as happened to Freeport.
It will be good if California legalizes pot. Would take some of my thunder, but save me some legal battles. I want pot taxable and legal on Transcendian Airports as a source of income.
An earlier war I thought about undertaking would be for control in the underground of Coke field airports, but decided I could make a better movie of that scenario, than put my time into any real war.

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