Founder Issues

I need help in creating a new nation. My own theories and concepts have merit, but I have decided that there are some flaws. I have also decided that there are details that need to be fully addressed.
The nation of Transcendia, as a nation of airports, was created to reduce the prospect of Apocalyptic Riot. I feel it could be a moderating influence. I wanted it to be a Godwin type anarchy, but feel while the two main responsibilities: Defense and Education are clear, and to be maintained, a simple guidebook for all operations either mundane, or lofty was needed.
In the Transcendian Passport I put the "Constitution". There are about 250 passports out. They are unsupported.
We are here just getting started, and the next step is to get put up here the Constitution, and determine together what is good and perfect about it, and where it needs modification.
I have long wanted to sell a Citizenship Package composed of a Passport, the Flag, and some money. We will have to work how to do this together, as I have failed to sell this to a publisher and get money with which to support in any real way any of what a real passport ought to provide.
Currently my issues with my conceptions are that for a nation Consensus as the only decision finalization may be too slow.
A reality for nation building is the necessary war. Part of the point of Transcendia is to reduce war, not start them. Therefore I have determined a "Good War", would be for the takeover of Disneyland.
In a discussion about How to Make a Better Government, with some engineers, we grappled with the status of Bureaucrats and Technocrats. I determined that Technocrats ought to be of greater status than Bureaucrats, and the Bureaucrat in the Service of Transcendia ought to be given the opportunity to move up to Technocrat status.
We do not have to reinvent the wheel. What we do have to do is put all the best of Political Science together in one Transcendian handbook.
This issue of War, and how to avoid it in the typical way of new nations as a necessity may not be possible. I want us to do all we can to overcome the "rules", of political science.
To do that we have to know the rules, and know as well how to bend them.

Russell Scott Day

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