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So nothing is working tonight but this, with is fine. Lots of Mad Men watched which was like going to work with all the sex and alcohol as a concern for control and change a lot like issues in real life. There was plenty of it as a real life issue in NYC doing the commercials that they talk about in the show of Mad Men and then it is us in a studio putting the advertismensts together. Of course it is all just like that. Very much looks like it and people act like that. They are pretty smart. Why not.
So I look forward to the show in a whole different way than something you watch with somebody and it is entertaining and loving and making you happy all wanting more. More like give me a break.
Sure enough it is the same as there for everybody. "OK!" "Just give us all a break."

Was put down by drug run out that keeps me going since I am paralyzed without pain drugs.
Took two naps today.
Wrote other project notes.
Lost money on a scratch off ticket.
Soldiers and show business people understand the sleep when you don't have a job schedule.
Love in general, your founder.

Missed the meeting by Russell DayRussell Day, 29 Nov 2011 02:20

The Political Artist must put out a book, and have a uniform, and make speeches and go on TV and Radio, and have propaganda posters, and a flag, and special events, and holidays, and conduct a war, or wars.
A real nation does not necessarily have to have any particular government. A monarchy will do. It must have an army, and it must hold control of certain borders. Over the years I have conducted my study of Military History, History, (Political Science) in an attempt to be more perfectly able to lead the nation from the vision to its realization.
I was profoundly affected by my life in Rochdale College Toronto where I went immediately after graduation from High School. This was 1971. I was a well read hippie.
My number had not come up yet.
Rochdale's main business was drugs. All of the hallucinogenic drugs were legal in the building. There were classes and rent was supposed to be paid. It had some sort of government with a vice president and president and treasurer and a security force.
It was actually a very impressive achievement.
Still it was flawed and had enemies, and though some land and some of its peoples do still at this time have a presence in the wilds of Canada, it is not the great nation of our own it might have been, or could have become. Much of its downfall revolved around corruption of the Security Force, of which I was a part. That corruption is directly attributable to the cocaine trade that overtook and corrupted the business.
I myself nearly got thrown out a window, and somewhere decided escape was a good idea.
Luckily my draft number came up 346. I definitely learned the difference between luxury enemies, and real enemies.
On one hand I was inspired and saw how much was possible in this world if you and others joined together and put your mind to something, and on the other had to recognize that you had better know what you are doing, or things could go very badly for you.
In the end we must recognize that no amount of written perfection will overcome corruption. We must believe together in the ideals and worth of what we are doing together to overcome the flaws we carry same as what religious types call original sin.
Of Anarchist principles I very much believe in Defense and Education as the main legitimate responsibilities of the government.
In the back of the passport I presented the bones of a government modeled after the anarchy that so well works for Alcoholics Anonymous. In working over the years to come up with a practical and workable government for Transcendia, even I am tempted to betray the original ideals that I find myself returning to now after all I have been through.
For those interested to seriously take up this work, and become a citizen of this new nation, here is the place we will finally decide what will work good enough for us to help mankind get through and surpass this bottleneck, as Jared Diamond characterizes these times.
Reading the passport is a good idea.
Much of possible perfection for Transcendia is the conflict between the demands of flight for pilots, and the danger of drugs to that capability. We can say without a doubt that pot ought to be legal for people to have and use, and the reason it isn't is a corruption. Cops tell me the only reason they arrest people for pot, is if they can't get them for something else.
Recent events in the US pretty much ought to force us who depend on the US and our citizenship to come up with another plan, and right quick.
We had better just face it, we are going to have to defend ourselves.
I really now have very little to lose, considering my age, and some serious other natural issues.
I was influenced by my Boy Scout leaders who raced cars and were happy to blow up engines across a winning finish line.
I believe I have just enough time and if careful the energy to see the flag up and working well in the world.
It is going to require revenues.
Ironically Insurance is the key, for Transcendians together with the best insurance can use their lives as wealth, and find parity with capital.
Some of the nuts and bolts of the nation are still a bit rough, but the ideal of a great and grand civilization spread over the planet home, is in place.
When the US Congress did not last Monday after the downgrade of the US credit rating, immediately eject those who signed the Norquist Nation, I was forced to go forward despise a few significant defensive and operational flaws in this real world.
We are a bit vulnerable, to attack. This wiki is particularly vulnerable, but thats alright, we will push on.

Got a little ahead of myself by not lining up some more security.
Revenues required. Book Homeless Dog on the Kindlestore as only ebook available to buy now.
Reviews would help.
Revenues required. Least people expect to spend something at Amazon.
As your Fighter against Wage Slavery and WMDs, working as a political artist, I have book out, I have speech out on youtube (Transcendia Speech). Working Class Corner columns on Did radio, but need to do more. More TV to do. Need some more tech support.
Building the nation from the bottom up means fee based government for revenues.
Transcendians do need to be appropriately armed according to their position and capabilities.
I am running as your all round write in candidate. I am your political artist. We are in the bottleneck. We must get rid of weapons of mass destruction. We do have dual citizenship.
We will use Roberts Rules of Order. We will overcome flaw of anarchy, which is tendency towards isolation. Current problems in economic world wide situation have pushed me to actions without full prep. Far as important US citizen duty work to make clear that the US has a congress and this Super Congress is bullshit. Work to have Norquist Nation Pledge Signers kicked out immediately as they have signed oath to a foreign nation, and have said they want to destroy the US Federal Government.

Russell had me feeling bad about not visiting here in a while, so I decided it was time to stop in and catch up- only to find I am not the only one somewhat lax in attending to the community…
So, after reading through some of the past posts, I will throw out a couple of ideas to see if we can't get some fresh discussion going…

1. Weapons/Defense. I am strongly opposed to any requirement to arm oneself, or any restriction on one's personal choice to arm oneself or not. If rules are established, then your potential foes know what to expect. If there are no rules, a potential antagonist doesn't know if I am carrying a can of pepper spray or an uzi. On the other hand, if the antagonist knows that I am, by regulation, required to be armed, then there is a greater chance that the antagonist will take precautions to insure that I am not afforded the opportunity to use any weapon I may have. Keep the opposition guessing.
2. One can avoid all of the unpleasantness, excessive security circus and other such inconveniences by restricting one's adventures in the airport to the General Aviation section. Not only are the security measures more reasonable, the facilities are generally more comfortable and the food better (that is, where food services are available- not all General Aviation facilities have food courts!). One need not check in an hour in advance of a flight- generally the plane is waiting for you, rather than you waiting for the plane. The downside of this is that one must either own one's own airplane, or be good buddies with someone who does, or be willing to pay outrageous prices for chartering a private airplane. I suspect establishing a Transcendian Embassy in the General Aviation section of an International Airport may be much easier than trying to accomplish the same thing.
3. Education. Educational history is inconsequential. Compulsory Participatory Continuing Education (ComParConE) should be a minimum requirement for citizenship. Each citizen should be required to moderate a subject discussion on a regular basis (possibly a rotating roster?). Every citizen should be required to contribute to the discussion. Copy and Paste from Wikipedia or other sources of equally suspect raw information will be allowed only as supporting documentation of the citizen's personal opinion on the subject under discussion. Personal insults (name calling, aspersions against one's sexual orientation or lack thereof, etc.) shall be restricted to private communications, not permitted in the general discussions (the moderator will have the responsibility for maintaining proper decorum). This has the advantage of eliminating the need for voting, since one can make major political decisions based on a consensus derived from the open discussions. While not eliminating the potential for corrupt practices such as purchasing votes, it would make such practices much more transparent. I have something like the traditional method of making commercial decisions in a typical Japanese business in mind…
We already have, thanks to Russell, a number of preliminary discussion topics- Forming a Constitution (i.e., defining the government), Education, Defense, etc…

It's been a while... by cwarner7_11cwarner7_11, 25 Dec 2010 22:57

I never have really fully addressed in any detail any sort of educational requirements for Transcendian Citizenship. About as developed as I got was to call all schools Flight Schools regardless of the range of course studies and degrees offered.
The core of the schools would be teaching practical things, and especially how to fly, as I consider it an adult drivers license. While I was a hell bent for leather sort of fast driver of cars, I was a basically timid pilot. I pretty much refused to spin.
This was apparently somewhat wise on my part as fatalities in Tomahawks were higher than in 152s.
Now it is up for political change, law change in California that pot be legalized. Maybe they will pay for the medical studies to determine how long between joint and joystick doctors will certify as safe. For ISO? international standards Transcendia needs to know this sort of thing.
It is one of the Nuts and Bolt things that needs to be in the Transcendian Operations Manual.
12 hours from joint to joystick, is probably fine, though 24 hours is probably about what would be proper for Commercial Pilots.
I know one Commercial Pilot who even when he does drink he actually pours water into his beer. He's got some great stories. I even gave him little tape recorder in hopes he would capture himself telling a story. He's not a writer.
Tape recorders have their charms.
But anyway back to Education. At this time Transcendia has no property, or bank, or schools and is entirely dependent on the already educated and experienced. I simply originally tried to make the concepts of Transcendia be workable and attractive to pilots and poets, but in this space on the net our goal is to go further.
There is old business and new business.
Money to finance Flight Schools has to come from somewhere. I'd love an affiliation with Embrey Riddle, Flight Safety, and the other great aeronautical institutions of learning. Who knows, maybe they are ready to put some money behind Transcendian goals based in port theory and real economics?
One day James Boy said, "The only people that pay their bills around here, are the smugglers and the DEA." I have literally fueled one after the other as they chased each other around.
I may well be considered eccentric, and sort of out there, but one of my friends said once I was so sane most people mistook it.
I live in a real world. I have no evidence that I'll have a perfect life in another, and aint looking forward to finding out.
It can be fun to work at doing great things that work to make people happier and have more fun. Being simply able to go anywhere in the world, whether you do or not, offers great opportunities for fun.
The assaults on the safety and civility of the airport culture are not to be tolerated without a fight by Transcendians. I don't care what the motivation theocratically may justify the destruction of the commons. It holds no water in my book.
We shall try to stay on title subject…but one thing leads to another and time runs out.

Educational Requirements by Russell DayRussell Day, 26 Oct 2010 05:22

Wrote again in the wrong spot. Yesterdays post not to be found. Education was the subject. Rambled some thinking of Flight Schools, and how all Transcendian schools would be called Flight Schools regardless of the completeness of their educational courses.
Got to get 'em while they are young is to be reconciled with the present and the future.
Yesterday's post is not entirely lost, but on paper.
Cyberwars are apparently underway. Got notice of attacks through PDFs is the way I read it.
Apparently bank accounts are to be wiped out of medium and small businesses.
This strategy makes sense for aggressors as there are lots of small and medium sized businesses who are likely to be less capable of defense.
Far as the US failure to adequately protect on line work, its simply weird. i postulated years ago that the US Postal Service ought to at least be charged with protecting the new mail as something new for them to do to justify their Federal Budget, but imagine DOD wants the job.
It is bound to be trouble that so many, big or small are forced to pay for individual protections for vital operations.
Sometimes I think it would be a good idea to cut off the internet for at least a few days, and do a complete system reboot, reprogram that protected the system for everybody.

  1. 1 no different than the present,
  2. 2 doesn't this assure vested interests will dominate the regulation of their own industries?
  3. 3 so only the rich can afford to serve, maybe mandatory government service…
  4. 4 we have that here in cali, the career politicians just scramble from gig to gig

1) Compulsory voting is a must - then one can never claim they had no part.
2) Government officials in charge of business must have experience in business - hope they will know what they are doing (unlike at present)
3) Government officials should serve without pay
4) Term limits are necessary - 5 years and out?

I think the way to have the best possible government, is to have a fully engaged citizenry.
How do we accomplish this?
Engagement requires education, to understand the issues.

I made a proposal once that maybe we should vote once a week
the problem with weekly voting, is it would lead to government as a series of decisions based on sound bites

Have any of you ever had to go to traffic school?
I did it online a couple of years ago. go through the material take a test, go to the next section

Can we combine these two concepts?

Study the issue from both [or more] sides. the format of the voter guides here in cali is interesting. Each side presents their perspective & rebuts their opposition.

Combine this presentation format with some testing

Now the punch line. Participate in the process & get a tax break
citizens as government…

I agree that office holders should be qualified
& I'm sure everyone would like their representatives to be like themselves
Charlie those are all fine experiences, but are they relevant?
Won't that list assure all most the same candidates we have running things now?

Re: Basis for a Constitution by GarthhhGarthhh, 21 Oct 2010 01:00

Sortah hard for me to go all for University Degrees for everybody, since I don't have any of any merit. All for Meritocracy though.
I do think well of Testing out. Like if you can pass the test, that's good enough.

Re: Defense
sushi289sushi289 19 Oct 2010 14:34
in discussion This Week's Meeting / Coffee Shop » Defense

Hello Trans,

I'm not sure I understand the need for citizens to have access to weaponry. I have none, I don't like them, and won't carry one. I like the Transcendia concept but your opening statement sounds like a cross between a call for anarchy (there may be some merit there) and a bid for a survivalist-vigilante-type militia.

Could yew please elaborate on the point about weapons?

Re: Defense by sushi289sushi289, 19 Oct 2010 14:34

In some of my serious writings I have recently gone out of my way to use profanity. This is because we have serious reasons to be angry about these things, the actions of others, if not as well our own failings. I may curse even some of my selves.
When I was doing Stand Up Comedy, I discovered I was not able to just wing it because stagelights wiped out my brain. There is a reason people who go on stage may wear sunglasses.
Now it is as if I note that I myself have what is essentially a Stump Speech, and find myself saying the same things over and over.
Without hecklers, I suppose I become bored with myself. Bored with hearing myself over and over to the point I forget what I mean, and conviction is hard to hold onto.
Eddie Murphy said to me "I'm on stage, and your not!"
I've been made an Administrator here, so heckling will be part of the deal, I suppose…
It may be necessary.
I feel a bit like Zelig sometimes. I've been around. Don't get around much anymore, but I have met many people, and been many places enough to know some realities, and especially what is very serious business.
I bypass founding a Party, though maybe I ought to. I just want to found a nation of airports, partly for fun. Imagine that just because you are a Transcendian you can go to any airport in the world?
I need offices on every important airport.
Because you need an army more than you need a governmental organization of some great theory members, citizens of Transcendia are encouraged to possess and carry whatever weapons they are most suited for.
I myself ought to carry at least some pepperspray.
I do have a little pistol, but I will call the police in a second if I feel threatened.
Let us, here discuss Transcendian rules and regulations for application on Transcendian Airports without illusions.
The place I know to start is with the laws long standing as regards Maritime Law and how the Captain is allowed to have a gun, whereas the crew may not be so armed.
I am not an international attorney, so will accept advice concerning laws long standing in this area.

Re: Defense by Russell DayRussell Day, 19 Oct 2010 07:09
Russell DayRussell Day 19 Oct 2010 07:02
in discussion This Week's Meeting / Coffee Shop » Defense

I am wondering if all my original concepts for the nation of Transcendia, are better than some of my newer concepts. New concepts have come from nuts and bolts concerns. There are pressures and concerns regarding defense in the world today. I remember when you could just drive to, or walk on an airport. It was a lovely civilized exciting place.
The reality now is that there will be security issues for any viable international airport.
I don't get to make up a world that is safe and secure and civilized, without some effort.
It turns out that it is a great deal of work to carry weapons. They are dangerous, but needed.
It makes sense to have people check their guns in the bars, as same as drinking and flying don't mix well, drinking with guns on has some real potential for events worthy of regret.
So in fact if we want to succeed in creating a real nation the nuts and bolts of how it is defended must be addressed before we go on to Education.
We will go to Education next after defense is addressed.
Then we will turn to where the money comes from. I'm leaning heavily on Fees since for a bunch of pilots and airplanes and artists no particularly great bureaucratic institution has to be set up around the money. The fairness of it appears in some of the simple clarity of a Fee Based national revenue stream.
What must be avoided is nationalization once we get good and going, as happened to Freeport.
It will be good if California legalizes pot. Would take some of my thunder, but save me some legal battles. I want pot taxable and legal on Transcendian Airports as a source of income.
An earlier war I thought about undertaking would be for control in the underground of Coke field airports, but decided I could make a better movie of that scenario, than put my time into any real war.

Defense by Russell DayRussell Day, 19 Oct 2010 07:02
GarthhhGarthhh 19 Oct 2010 06:44
in discussion This Week's Meeting / Coffee Shop » Passport

I'm moving this out where it can be seen
I haven't figured out how to post as Russell
you'll have to take my word for it

Far as this place see if you all can look over the passport closely as it is here that I need some critique from my advisors. I did look at the most effective anarchy I know of. Alcoholic Anonymous is a very successful on going anarchy.

Passport by GarthhhGarthhh, 19 Oct 2010 06:44

One aspect of great significance is the requirement that anyone aspiring to Public Office must have a university degree, so many years of military service, so many years in business, so many years in agriculture, etc. Two aspects to this approach are attractive-
1- One gains significant real world experience in those endeavors one elects to govern.
2- By the time one has achieved success in each of the designated fields, one is much too old and wealthy to be easily corrupted.

Whatever criteria one uses for establishing a power structure, it should be a meritocracy, not a popularity contest…

Basis for a Constitution by Charlie Warner (guest), 19 Oct 2010 00:23
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