Educational Requirements

I never have really fully addressed in any detail any sort of educational requirements for Transcendian Citizenship. About as developed as I got was to call all schools Flight Schools regardless of the range of course studies and degrees offered.
The core of the schools would be teaching practical things, and especially how to fly, as I consider it an adult drivers license. While I was a hell bent for leather sort of fast driver of cars, I was a basically timid pilot. I pretty much refused to spin.
This was apparently somewhat wise on my part as fatalities in Tomahawks were higher than in 152s.
Now it is up for political change, law change in California that pot be legalized. Maybe they will pay for the medical studies to determine how long between joint and joystick doctors will certify as safe. For ISO? international standards Transcendia needs to know this sort of thing.
It is one of the Nuts and Bolt things that needs to be in the Transcendian Operations Manual.
12 hours from joint to joystick, is probably fine, though 24 hours is probably about what would be proper for Commercial Pilots.
I know one Commercial Pilot who even when he does drink he actually pours water into his beer. He's got some great stories. I even gave him little tape recorder in hopes he would capture himself telling a story. He's not a writer.
Tape recorders have their charms.
But anyway back to Education. At this time Transcendia has no property, or bank, or schools and is entirely dependent on the already educated and experienced. I simply originally tried to make the concepts of Transcendia be workable and attractive to pilots and poets, but in this space on the net our goal is to go further.
There is old business and new business.
Money to finance Flight Schools has to come from somewhere. I'd love an affiliation with Embrey Riddle, Flight Safety, and the other great aeronautical institutions of learning. Who knows, maybe they are ready to put some money behind Transcendian goals based in port theory and real economics?
One day James Boy said, "The only people that pay their bills around here, are the smugglers and the DEA." I have literally fueled one after the other as they chased each other around.
I may well be considered eccentric, and sort of out there, but one of my friends said once I was so sane most people mistook it.
I live in a real world. I have no evidence that I'll have a perfect life in another, and aint looking forward to finding out.
It can be fun to work at doing great things that work to make people happier and have more fun. Being simply able to go anywhere in the world, whether you do or not, offers great opportunities for fun.
The assaults on the safety and civility of the airport culture are not to be tolerated without a fight by Transcendians. I don't care what the motivation theocratically may justify the destruction of the commons. It holds no water in my book.
We shall try to stay on title subject…but one thing leads to another and time runs out.

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